Absolute Nonsense

There are a lot of things in this world that are absolute nonsense that I thoroughly enjoy.

A tree covered in tighty-whities

Original painting by Paul Killebrew

My wish for unicorns to be real

Then that are things that are absolute nonsense that I do NOT enjoy. Today’s example:

Conversation at work today:

Me: “Hi, how are you today?

Customer: “Chicken soup.”

Somewhere during the course of human evolution, it became okay not to acknowledge someone’s greeting, and simply retort back with a statement or command. I find myself living in an age where my customers don’t feel the need to make eye contact with me and “chicken soup” is now a legitimate emotion.

I’m willing to put up with a lot of stuff, but people who are unable to answer a simple question and look at me when they place their order is not one of them. Be happy, be sad, be just hanging in there. I will serve you no matter what, and I’ll be pretty nice too. But if you’re going to be chicken soup, then I’m going to be a unicorn, and last time I checked, unicorns don’t wait on rude people.
Twenty Something Waitress


  1. How did we get to a place where manners are irrelevant? : (
    A couple weeks ago I witnessed a near fist fight on a public bus when one patron demanded of another to sit in the adjoining seat. The seated patron requested only that a request be made as opposed to the “I want to sit there.” declaration.
    After the rude dude gave up (after extensive back and forth and at least a little bit of cursing), a woman asked the seated gentleman, “May I sit there?” “Of course.”
    I wish for you a long series of courteous customers!

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