Waitress Hiatus!

A letter to all my loyal twenty something waitress followers,

My apologies for my major waitress hiatus, but my absence has been for good reason. I have been out of the country! Several months ago I moved out of my apartment, moved in with family, and spent the next few months saving money to take a ten week solo trip around Europe and North Africa. I ditched the life of french fries and mini skirts and swapped it for two and a half months of trains, planes, automobiles, camels, and lots of other amazing, crazy stuff along the way.

Part of me thought I was crazy for taking this trip. Breaking free of the routine I had known for so long was not easy at first. I also left with the knowledge that my job at the restaurant when I return is not guaranteed. But after six years of waiting tables, I knew it was time to take a leap and see the world. If there is something you’ve been waiting to do, putting off, or are just afraid to try, I hope that you will take a leap and do it, even if there are some risks involved. Here’s to adventure, and excitement, and quite simply, following your dreams.


Twenty Something Wanderer


Showing the Italians how to cross the street in style



  1. Well done, congratulations, awesomeness, fabulous, super exciting news!!!
    As a kindred spirit lover of adventure, your travels sound incredible. And inspirational. I am totally jealous (but a little less jealous as I have some decent adventures under my belt).
    It’s a pretty amazing feeling to make one’s dreams come true, eh? Good on you for getting out there and DOING IT! We ain’t gettin’ any younger.
    All the best!

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